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Sarelson Law Firm Files Rape Suit

Sarelson Law Firm has a filed a rape suit against the Okeechobee County Sheriff’s Office  for repeated acts of coercive rape. Our plaintiff, Dawn Morris Willis, has undergone a series of horrors at the hands of Florida law officials. It started when Willis was pulled over for suspicion of drunk driving. The officer on duty, Deputy Tommie Joe Brock, said he would not arrest her if she agreed to have sex with him. She agreed, but the unlawful coercion did not end there. Deputy Brock continued to rape and batter Willis over a period of eight months. For the first half of the eight–month period, Brock raped Willis 10-15 times while she was serving as a confidential informant for ongoing investigations. Serving as a CI and submitting to Brock sexually was in exchange for lesser sentencing for Willis, as well as favorable treatment for her husband, who was incarcerated at…
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